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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WIP : BB Shuuyu Hyaku Shiki

Ok, I skipped alot of kit just to do this, but can't help it, few forumer I am now is all doing this kit, so I don't want to missed the excitement ~ Heh ! 'Kay enough talk crap, show my WIP now.

Done chroming sanded parts & panel lines on the cloudy details.

Done spraying gold color on the chromed parts. So how was it ? Is it suitable for a Hyaku Shiki ? Look nice though, way better than I expected it to be since I've done the same with Chao Yun's lil' dragon, which came out too light.
Oh nose ! My tiger head's eyebrow is "scratched" !! Sheez... Looks like must give another layer tonight then. =)

Hyaku Shiki. Comparison between unpainted parts with painted parts. Which one you'll prefer ? ^^

Weapons. Just done panel lining those cloudy details, tonight going to start painting 'em. Hope I won't screw that much... ^^"

Note that those cloudy grooves has been redraw with a needle. My panel line gundam marker (brush tip) can't except shallow groove, another tough job again..

Well, this kit got quite nice articulation on the arm, since it can go more than 50 degree to the side, which not all Sangoku kit got. ^^" Haha, wait 'til I got ABS Unit from Kotobukiya, swing-swing over 75 degree ~~ !!

Ok, off to continue this kit.



MyKy said...

try use flash, can't see the bling of the gold :p

Evaritus Lau said...

Haha ^^" I tend not wanna use flash at any cost, maybe I can use my table lamp for that.