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Sunday, October 23, 2011

WIP HGUC 1/144 Jesta - Filler Post

While I haven't start on the unit 2, posting up something related....abit.

That bling2 is a sheet of magnet....O.O

Up close. Truly beautiful.
Now, time for some heavy artillery for my Jestas.

Artillery #1, a light Gatling with bullet drum.

Good choice for spamming some Zulu, or, distract the Shambloo. :3

"Hmmmm, you got a point there Master. I shall look into it."

"Quite light, but, we a handle for this, or attach to my backpack."

Artillery #2, Laser rifle with bayonet.

Artillery #3, Long range shoulder cannon.

"This me like Master. It's always a pleasure to shot down enemies from afar, like a boss."

Side angle. He's happy with it lolz.

"Master, this I cannot wear it. Must remove the waist parts."
Me: OK.

"Ah, this is good piece of weapon."

"A laser rifle that can combine is surely make me day better."

"UWAH, I do not sure what to choose for me self...."

That's some weapons lolz. War Machine wannabe.

"Huh ?! what's this !?"

Another Gatling gun spotted.

"Wahahahahaha ! I feel like a true Commando !"

He is very liking the Gatling.

& quite a heavy one as well.

Hold it on the shoulder, GREAT !

This pose is very unusual. It should have stand for the Gatling, just like in the movies haha !

But it can stand like this without any support. Good thing.

Metal Slug quote;



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Anonymous said...

You, sir, ARE AWESOME~! *clenches fist*

I jelly with your fine selection of armaments.

Chris said...

Somewhere a Verde Buster is crying. ^o^