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Monday, July 12, 2010

MC Model Gundoom - Epic begins.

'nuff say, let's see the progress so far.

Done the right leg 1st to get the 1st impression on painting the details all over it.

Building the left leg, starting from the foot. All grooves are panel lined with a Gundam Marker panel liner gray FYI.

Thrusters. Well in the manual book the thrusters was silver colored inside & outside, not my liking, so I just paint silver inside, & some gold for the spring-like area. Looks good to me. =)

Joint for the knee also follow some of the color scheme from the manual book, like the red pipes. Thruster on legs also painted just like the backpack's thrusters color scheme.

Reminder for those who own this Gundoom; cut that connector into half for better snap fit, I MEAN IT. It's way too fit to push it in.

& TADAA ~ It finally standing on its own feet !

Side view ~

Rear view ~

Looks cool & weird at the same time.
Cool = The amount of details on it.
Weird = half ass armor piece, like going to show it's "flesh" lolz !

Ah another thrusters ! Gotta paint it tonight later. =)

Few hours later & I had the skirts done for it. Nice ~

Closer view.

Side view. Totally different with the Original version's side skirt.

Rear view. Bad thing was that front & rear skirts is too loose, need to put some UHU glue or few drops of cements on it to make it sturdier.

Behold !

Epic in the making, Double Fin Funnel Weapon System ~

Rear view of the DFFWS.

Now, should I paint the yellow portions on all funnels or change to other color, darker ?



Anonymous said...

Looking nice, there. Can't wait for the completed form. =D

CD said...

Its so close to completion and double funnels are just too awesome. *_*

Evaritus Lau said...

Osu Final Form Ride -ish ~