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Sunday, February 5, 2012

WIP HGUC 1/144 Banshee #2

Second part of the WIP, which is already completed.

Comparison with the Normal Unicorn.

I like how it stand like a statue, Ver.KA style.
Unicorn is like a god, too radiant.

Gloss vs. Matt, lolz ~
& Unicorn radiant under sunlight. +1

The only action pose Banshee could do; Arm Armor VN up.

Differ angle. Seems like Unicorn normal is radiant more than Banshee does haha ~

"AA VN PUNCH !" < Ok, that's one lame name.

The Rooster Horn. for teh lulz.

The best pose Banshee could offer. Haizz....

Wakakakakakak ~~

Feb loot #1 finished. Now proceed to the 2nd kit; Either Banshee NTD or Age-2. any idea which I should start 1st ?


1 comment:

Khaidir said...

MAkes me wanna get this and another Forever gundam xD to make the banshee custom xD