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Friday, January 22, 2010

Less or more troublesome ?

So, continue my cleaning work.

Since today is sunny day, very good for spraying gold / top coat ~

I notice that when using Mr. Paint Remover to remove gundam marker gold, it took quite a while to clean it off, geez..... But after the cleaning process straight to the spraying. Below is fresh done sprayed.Very bling-bling indeed ! But I some sides where the paint didn't reach, so up for another layer ~

Above parts is hand painted with some gold marker, looks good since it was behind those I've sprayed just now, so won't bother to spray it.

The next day, top coating time ~

Much flat gold using Mr.Color clear flat. I like !

I am very happy with the result of it. Heh !

But afterward, this going to be my next nightmare....

Big !%@^!%@ dry transfer decals..... I think I should buy waterslide decals instead since ATS got sale discount on certain things, which includes decals ~ Yeah ~

Last pic.
Thought want to be paint the eye to blue, but the color didn't turn out as I expected it would be... So, returned to meta-green again. Haha....

I should be finished this by the end of the month. Or earlier. Maybe this week. depends how fast I could do.



Syful said...

hi dude, so how are you gonna do with the black background on the crest?

Anonymous said...

Nice! And can you recommend any nice paint, spray can or markers for gold? I don't really like dull gold markers, so may be asking a experience some one like you may know. Any suggestion?