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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A quick work, Banshee's horns.

A quick visit on local bookstore paid off, found the HK Hobby World Magazine, which gives out the conversion parts for Banshee's horn/vfin.
Ok, when I'ma start this thing off, lemme remind you about it. IT'S FREAKIN' FRAGILE FOR MY BRUTE HAND TO HOLD !

So I just use tweezer for the work. :3

Set #1, NT-D Banshee vfin in the making. Note that the vfin is primed, while the other haven't.

A snap-fitting for the Banshee normal mode. Ok-ok lar. Actually I did some mistake here, if ya notice it. :3

Bended parts making me a vengeful man, /RAGEQUIT.

2 hours of slacking, priming, finally done both, for teh lulz.

"TADA ~"

Note that this normal mode was my kit. That's why it look smexy. :3

Hijacked my nephew's NT-D with permission. Alot of cutting & trimming on the Banshee vfin involved here, keep can't put it on.

Shiny, yet.........

....appears to look rough. Haiz. Do not worry about it, gotta hand paint it with Mr.Color Gold for my pleasure. NYAAA~~

Dusty, as expected from my nephew since he display it on tv, open air. ^^;




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can you tell me where to buy tamiya sand paper, cement, top coat or the paint you are using in Kota kinabalu or mail order in malaysia or singapore? I am trying to paint my gundam but I cant find paint