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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Loots ~

When we talk about loots, we always think about games, duh, playing RO was very fun, especially ks for the loots ~

But today I'm not talking about those haha lolz !

Our package from Amiami just arrived last weekend, but I only got collect pay up to my friend on Monday, which is;

Uh oh MARI ~~~~~ Gotta take good care of it since this is my self bought besday present hahaha lame.....

Seductive look luring me to open it up, NOT ! Hahaha ~

& the 2nd loot;


My bust stand ~ It's been awhile didn't read any gundam ace mag already, finally own 1 for myself, so let's take a look of it.

Thickness, 3 fingers. WoW.

Epic battles start.

Uh nice jacket eh mate ?

Err...Gyan pen anyone ?

Eco ciel series (sorry I don't the remember the title lolz.) Ebil look on the gundam-like.

Bandishee series. Unicorn ~

Very well drawn comic. I RIKE.

Triggers me to get the...hmmm...another Sleeves.

I like how the Unicorn's visor glows like that.

A trivia for the 3x faster.

F.Frontal : Watashi wa rorikon ou ni naru !!
Angelo : Ou !?

Seiyuu of F.Frontal.

If ya a Zeon fans, or should I say, Char's fans, ya should quit using Google, use Chargle. Bwahahahahah !

Uh oh, WZC is the winner, followed by Hyaku Shiki, Sinanju, Turn A & Guncannon. I RIKE THIS POLL Bwahahahahah !

Seriously I feel like a moron laughing like haha...think fatigue start getting on me already. Time to bed.



Anonymous said...

Ohh... figma Mari. =D

*looks at teh last pic of F.Frontal*
Rori.. lo.. ohsi~!

The king of... OMG...

WZC. HELL YEAH~! *clenches fist*

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

and that's why Full is chasing Audrey....he's a...


Evaritus Lau said...

@BD & ZD,

Now I ish disrespect this icon F.Frontal. He's a ped.................emmm teddy bear. ^^"

gunpla said...

I m jealous....... U have the sinaju head stand!!!!!!! WTF lol

Marzz said...

I want this too! Hopefully I can find one at a decent price...

Danielle Lim said...


Evaritus Lau said...


Hehe, but I fear about getting it also, like Unicorn...>.>


Meh, this is quite exp at amiami..>.>



David John Shewsbury said...

Wow, slowly now you into Figma, very good.... hehehehe...

Evaritus Lau said...


Thank you for the poison you had on me. ^^"