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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random pictures taken by me.

Ok, busy = checked. Tired = checked...=3="

Oh boy, working for 6 days a week sure does turns me off when I want build gunpla though..

But least, I do some photography practice around me ..^^"

Pic #01 - Blue stripe cup. Look familiar doesn't it ?

Pic #02 - A cocoon. Well, not that Cocoon in MGSPW ok. ^^"

Pic #03 - Cat hides in a shopping bag. =)

Pic #04 - Quiet road at KAC - Asia City.

An aeroplane's jet smoke on higher altitude.

Well, no gunpla on this post hahaha....>.>


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daniellelim1994 said...

eh...blue cup=si Mio jatuh