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Monday, April 13, 2009

Package arrived today ~

Been waiting this to arrive since last week (yeah like, been staring at my handphone for post office's call..LoLz.) and finally it arrived ~~

Yeah ~~

Yippie ~~

*Slapped & smack-downed*


Kay' 'nuff talk crap, as my forum buddies said, " NPNT = No Pic No Talk "

He sent along 2 SD kit, Crossbone X-1 & Crossbone X-2, which, nowhere to be found in Sabah ~ Lucky he got both wor ~
Some might wonder, where's the box ? yeah, to cut cost on shipping, I agreed don't want the box, so only the contents within a box. The X-2 kit is half way assembled, I don't mind, less work to do on this kit. =)

THe X-1, still in plastic wrap ~ Not sure going to build it or not though...Think want to sell it but, who want without box ar, so just let it like that 1st. MG X-1 also eagerly want tear off the plastic now. =D

Now now, "this" in the box. Hmm, bro, no mistake ar, putting lil' figure of Char's Zaku along ? It's too...lil'.

My parts ~ Finally ! No more restricted joints for my Sangokuden kits ! The kit that going to be lab rat is Ryomou Dijeh, since currently "he's" the only jointless kit now.....

What the heck !? Made in China ?! I had all the trouble ordered this straight from Japan, & its from China....gosh...Oh well, I should be thankful, no ? =)

The bonus within the package, another set of thrusters from Otaku.

There's 2 small thing, don't know where & what to use for..Hmm..keep it 1st ar, lazy to think muchie ~

Test fit the thrusters, nice !

Leftover thrusters unused yet. =D

Parts of Dijeh that has been jointless for may moon now. =)

Look how sad it is now.....=(

LoLz for the Lil' Zaku, getting all meany when try to hijack to mask ~~

Well, this is for today. Going to slow down abit this month, huhuhu....^^"



Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The last pic is really cute! Great haul for the vintage SD Crossbone Gundam kit. Would be nice if you can take pics of both SD & realtype Gundams once the SD is done. Looking forward to it.

Evaritus Lau said...

Lot's of priming going to do 1st since X-1 is mainly white & dark blue. ^^" But yeah me too looking forward for that.


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Anonymous said...

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judaz said...

what kinda kotobukiya joint parts there that yu using for that sangokyuden?? please i need a recomendation