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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The day in Japan Cultural Week, UMS

The poster for the cultural week, taken from Armory One.
p/s : LoLz, the event ended around 11pm already...^^"

~Thanks to Armory One's peeps for inviting me into this event~

How spacious between booth huh ? How I want it like in summer event though...

Great building of UMS, the Dewan Canselor.

Our booth. Still preparing our display gunpla.

Taken with a cosplayer.

Taken with 2 cosplayers.

Food stall !! Great ! Lots of food to eat ~~ The left booth is selling nice japanese cupcakes, the right one is sushi house. 1st time eaten sashimi though, not bad. ~.~

Sushi king's booth. They selling nice bento on that time ~ Oishi nee ~

And when things gone well, weather is disturbing us....

-Few hours later-

Nooooo ~~!! Look how quiet the festival is now... T.T

The reason for quiet booths is on the below pictures:

They do lots of performance (didn't manage take some pictures, 'coz was enjoying watching 'em..^^") Such as para-para dance, cosplaying, and kendo. Wah kendo ! Pity they didn't use the armors which the one wearing it is standing on the middle.....=.="

(So sorry for far away picture...) The master of Kendo showing his swordsmanship by pull out some katana movement, a real katana !!

& That's all for our 1st Japan Cultural Week. Wish they will do this event next year or so.



Tonzo said...

Japan cultural week looks cool. We have a Japan day in my area once a year also. I always like watching the Kendo too ;) I've also thought about doing a gunpla display/workshop ^^ Great work! Maybe when I have some more impressive kits to display.

What is that building where the kendo is being held? Is it a church or something? Looks magnificent.

Evaritus Lau said...

It's the Canselor Hall. That building is huge, inside and outside ! I almost get lost on the way finding toilet though.. ^^"

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I like this kind of outdoor fun, makan, games and exhibition on anime and Gundam. You have such interesting past time. Cool!

MyKy said...

tipu wan... why UMS so fun wan..

UTM banyak those religion this religion that punya stuffs only wan. :x

Evaritus Lau said...

Heh, actually UMS IS VERY FUN !! Put aside the temperature (which is quite hot there....), UMS got alot fan clubs, animes, cosplayer etc though.. =D

Anonybous said...

healthy cosplayer is HEALTHY.