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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Going to create something different on Unicorn

Ok, since my 2nd gatling beam is gonna done super glueing it, I was think to make my Unicorn to stay on its normal mode, with a lil' mix of NT-D mode. So far I try open the backpack, side skirts & the legs' upper skirt (LoLz ^^"), now it was look like on the pic below:

Any more ideas gunpla bros here ? I was thinking to use NT-D skirt for my normal Unicorn, only the inner red part will painted with black though, well not all part actually. ^^" The reason behind I wanted to be in this form was....there's alot of crack on clear red parts already (haiz...) So alot of cementing inside.

I think I'll stick with with this idea on head, got abit "Sinanju feel" on it now. =D

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