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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MG Infinite Justice is COMING ~

The long await has finally answered......

Infinite Justice in MG lines !

Link here.

It was shown in Gundam Expo 2008, along with few selected gunpla as Expo version only (wt...?!).

Now I'm really disappointed, there's a MG RX-78-2 G3 OYW, but it's EXPO only, hell !?

& this, price tag for Extra Finish Strike Freedom....1万500円. Let see, I can buy lots of Zaku ver.2 eh ! So expensive for what. Won't get tricked be that.

Also, Gundam 00's HG kit line also on the list, been Arios as the last kit to release on December whilst other 3 release date is on October.

Huat ar !! October frenzy is coming !

1 comment:

gordon said...

yes finally!

1/100 IJ was my first 1/100 kit and i love it very nice. the number of parts and detail is great for a 1/100 kit.

so i expect the MG to be even better. hope it comes with silver chrome internal frame like MG destiny.