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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A new line, a new poisonous.

Started another new wave of poisons.

Day by day I was battling the urge to get this, finally, succumbed.

But, the 1st converge I'm show wasn't bought, it was given by a friend. 3:)

Char's Zaku II, the earliest 3x faster.

Upclose. Oh wow, finally getting used on Manual Macro Focus on my FZ35 after this long lolz ~

Like usual, panel line to make it UBER.

Now left the shield, I don't know should or shouldn't panel line it.

Helmet off revealing the simple mono eye.

The empty helmet.

Another angle view.

Now, to the next batch, the NuXSazabi set, sold out after I bought mine at the local hobby shop.

OOP (Out Of Plastic). Will decide whether going to panel line / detail up it or not.

Ze Sazabi. Look glossy in picture, semi-gloss in real life. LoLz ~

Nu with both Bazooka & Funnels attachment.

The only extra here was a right hand for the Bazooka.

I can't put the base on, but then, the Bazooka can act as a stand liao lolz ~

Meh, bended horn is bad, I must fix it via hot water.

More of Sazabi's pictures;

CNY is near already, so, I wish an early greet to all my chinese viewers / readers / bloggers out there a Happy Chinese New Year, may you all haz all the angpau you'll need to buy moar gunpla.




Zoidiect Archaea said...

dayum, that sazabi. gotta say i like Converge Sazabi's proportion!

Anonymous said...

hi there i wanna ask what paint did you use for the chrome on your jesta? really love that!!

Evaritus Lau said...


You jelly ? hehe ~


It's a Toa hardware spray can though.

Anonymous said...

thanks! so it's Toa hardware chrome spray? will look for it! (anyways I'm Gunpla47 but the captcha for wordpress is having problems so I have to post as anonymous

Evaritus Lau said...


Just be careful, the spray isn't consistent, sometimes it spit quite large amount of paint out though, alot of my friends also said so.