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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dragon Momoko Destiny #1 - The Un-boxing

Good day lads (and ladies), it's been too long I have been active in blogging, now trying to getting use of blogging instead of the easy post picture to Facebook.

Anyway, I just get my hands on these sensational kit;

Front box art, the simple clean DM style.

I'm not so sure about it at first, thinking it might be another resin conversion we seen previously in the web, well now, Dragon Momoko has done it again, in plastic kit !
Before anything else, thanks to Station Wensin for providing me this kit. =)

The sides 1/2.

The sides 2/2.

Another front boxart.

Upon unboxing, the runners is all pack into another box within the box, another DM style.

Upon open up, runners, brochure and manual as usual.
A nice brochure to drool at.

Drooling brochure to tempt people at.

Hmmmm, back of manual no more smiley emoticon. Too bad.

2 foil stickers given plus a big Waterslide decal for the detailing lines. Hmmm, not much warning sign decal spotted (An avid of Ver.KA's decal heh)
Now, into the runners. The detailing is so fine !

A slight metallic flake can be seen on the right angle view.

Much details to amaze at.

As some people said that to be careful on vfin, for it comes with either deformed shape, weird pegs and, bended vfin. So yeah...I haven't yet to fix this so I'm not sure what I'll get. :)

Clear runner for WoL. Me think.

Ah the Strike Ver.RM style of palms. This one is a good at holding the weapon firmly, unlike moveable fingers.

Pointy fingertip ~ ME LIKEY ~

One of the runner for the Base Stand.

The big, big WoL plastic sheet, and the beam shield effect, They say the shield effect was only given on first release, so lucky me.

Color reflects on every angle view.

And so this is the Base Stand. Yeap, Strike's launching pad. Lucky for me, I still kept me MG Destiny Wing shaped stand, which I think was a cool look, but then I don't know whether it's the same connector or not hahaha...

And the weird red color appear ! Wait, is it red, pink or purple ? 

My previous build of B's Destiny had lotsa mistakes, especially the sliding gimmick on thighs to knee, and here, DM gives a simple and firm frame, well, it's good enough ! Such gimmick isn't even necessary when you have lotsa details on the armor parts.

The clear effect part. Very fluorescent.

A PC rubber runner marked as "O".

And another weird red pink purple color for the wings to call it the day for today. 

Let's hope that the building process isn't pain to my fingers hahaha~



Anonymous said...

Its a red, its a pink.. its a purple,.. no!! Its superman...!!


William Chang said...

Can you please help me by giving the scans for the manual? I just ordered one but there was only a brochure, but not the manual in it. Thanks in advance, and I'm really glad if you can help me with this favor.

Evaritus Lau said...

Good day William. Sad to heard that yours doesn't come with the most vital part ever. Anyway, I'll post the link of the manual book onto dropbox, are you ok with it ?

William Chang said...

I'm very glad that you wanted to help me, and thanks for making a fast response. Yes, you can send it to my dropbox or either my email if you like. Both use williamchang.bm25@gmail.com. I really appreciate your help

Evaritus Lau said...

Sent the link to you already. :)

William Chang said...

Thanks so much for your help!