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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP MG 1/100 Strike Rouge - The 3% progress worth. LoLz.

I don't know why, everytime I sees this kit, I can't help it to panel line every inch of details on all parts.....

& now, it took me almost a week just to finish to frame, which, I still got alot of touch up to do such covering up etc.

30% done. Most of the time wasted on panel lining & painting the details found on the frame. ^^" NK's poison really affecting me haha....

Ugh out of focus.....I think I should start invest some for good macro lens already.... Anyway, it's painted with Gaia paints + Gaia thinner for better result.

I gave up painting the Hydraulic Pipes seen underneath the knee, it's just bloody hell tiny area to be paint ! With a brush ? Quite impossible if you ask me.

More Duralumin-galore. Haven't touching up just yet.

On the front skirts. I try using Orange Real Touch Marker on the pink parts &, it does look like rusty to me. Maybe I should real touch it after I paint some parts with gray then we see how it blends along ?

Again, this is how I kill my time, big time. Note that I haven't done with the gray-painted part.

Obviously, I need to touch this up really, really badly....


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Gundam Gunso said...

That's one heavy duty detailing done there! XD