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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIP MG 1/100 Strike Rouge - Slow Progresses is Slow + What's in the store :3


Busy & tired. These 2 factors is enough to make me not wanna do anything accept spamming at forums or facebook or blogs.........Muahahahaha ~ Dumb 'nuff crap let's do this.

Ok, the only thing that kept me from finishing the frame is that....

Touching up, panel lined frame is a seriously, takes alot of time to do so. Salute Ngee Khiong !

Only the right leg are partially paneled. The rest, bleeh.

Actually my WIP is only the above pics...haha..talk about slow & lazy indeed. ^^"

But pics below are about shop's latest restock.

Tower-o-kits & figurines.

My end June loot. :3

Hey, where's the bike ? NO BIKE NO BUY !

Another restock of MG 00 Raiser. Hmmmm....



Gundam Gunso said...

Yeah I agree that panel lining the frame is a very tedious work... I also salute you in attempting it. XD

Chris said...

So you got Figma Black Gold Saw?
I envy your local store. In Kuching, we never get new stock that fast, and your place already has D-arts Beezlebmon, which by the way, will cost more if the bike is included. lol

Evaritus Lau said...


It's another way to kill time if don't to quick builds it.


Last I heard, the bike is online-shop only. Haiz.

Khaidir said...

i usually don't do touch ups on the frames.... only armor... aswell as the hands :)

eehtsitna said...

Bro! Nice to finally meet you in the flesh! Keep up with the good effort in gunpla! Sabah needs dedicated modelers like you!

Ps. Thats a MG 1/100 Rogue Strike le. :P

Danielle Lim said...

Black Gold Saw?! And you panel lined the inner frame, rajin =w=b!

Evaritus Lau said...


The only way to kill time while waiting new kits arrives at our hobby shop here. =)


Nyahahahahaha ~ Glad we meet in flesh...errr...that sounds so wrong haha ~~ Nevermind that, nice to meet ya in person. =)


Yah, since I missed Deathmaster, which recently found her, with the price tag almost MYR200.....=.=p

Danielle Lim said...

OMG RM200? @@ BGS is how much then?