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Sunday, January 9, 2011

WIP HGUC 1/144 Ex-S - Finally I stand on my foot.

A quick build on the legs, but haven't sand off the cement applied on thighs & legs.

Slim & loose knee joint. Bad news. Need more reinforcement for it, going to do so later after work. =)

Although panel wash is quick & look nicer, but I think I'll just stick to draw the panel line myself, more enjoyable.

Had to paint black on the upper foot armor because the color was white. No wonder I feel weird about it.

Big fat armor at the back of the leg really hinder the degree it can bend. Going to take note on this area for mod.



Anonymous said...

he is looking really good but wow this kit requires a lot of touch up work XD

Danielle Lim said...

i saw the review of this kit, and the sabers are white all over right? XD

MG size of EX-S is OHMYGAWD!

Anonymous said...

How tall is it?

David John Shewsbury said...

Almost done... almost...