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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not G-unit, it's G-3.

Finally, a gunpla post !

Took me quite a while to post this lolz, anyway, 'nuff crap talk, let's move !

It's been a month I've build this kit, & this is what I've done so far.

All pipes are painted with Mr. Metal Color Aluminum since this color is much brighter than Mr. Metal Color Stainless.

Moar silver-ing details ~

Very impressed on this parts, very much like a real aluminum thrusters o.

Paint the inner vent metallic gold, well it's Artline marker pen 1.

Moar Artline metallic gold madness !

Ok, why I paint gray under there ? The reason behind was the 4 round-thing painted with silver. It wasn't painted accurately, meaning to say, mis-paint abit around the round thing. That's why my solution is just simply, covers it with gray color. At the end, it looks wonderful for me. & a quick real touch marker around makes it moar realistic haha !

Another look from high view.

So that's it for now, trying to update as much as possible also bah...^^"



Anonymous said...

Woah! You did a great job on it! Keep it up! I like how it turns out to be.

gunpla said...

nice painting my painting sucks haiz