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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Project build code : Birthday present

Ok, I won't say who's birthday present is, since the kit (Machao & Luxun, not my precious Emperor Ryuubi ^^") Haven't finish quick-mod them, but here's some the pic of finished joint mod of Machao.

Comparison with Emperor Ryuubi's height. Slightly just few mm shorter for Machao. =D

Ok, as you all could see, I just roughly paint the gold to get the look how the detail was. After that, I'll do the touch up to cover up the uneven paint or didn't paint well area.

Ok, this post would be very shrot if just like that, so I up some pic for show.

If looked far abit, you could see 4 pair of eyes staring at you. ^^"

Can you see the glitter effect inside both side of shoulder there ?

Ok, time to paint 'em all ~~~



Chris said...

Rather than the glitter effect, the first thing I thought is how you put the same transparent yellow from the dragon effect parts on the shoulders.
Really, how do you do it?

eehtsitna said...

Nice build there! It is good to see modelers among Sabahan. Would you mind if I add a link to your blog?

Evaritus Lau said...


There's a gap wide enough to insert the glitter stickers inside. I just glue it on the shoulder armor parts before assemble the yellow parts onto it. Just nice.


Boleh bah kalo kau. =D

otaku gunpla said...

do 1 ma cao 4 me..i wan 3 dragon head wan...:P....bro u realli have a god hand....so envy of u....wen u wanna foc for me o..:P

Evaritus Lau said...


Can, but bro had to get the option parts & a sangokuden kit for me to do it.


Anonymous said...

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