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Saturday, May 30, 2009

MSN-004 Sazabi Review

This is my 1st time doing a review on gunpla kit. So it might sounds abit lame...heh ~

Sazabi has 4 beam saber parts, 6 clear rods for funnel effects, 2 pairs of palms, a shield & a rifle.

A very normal look of rifle. But in game it wasn't like a rifle, more like shotgun since the beam is scattered.

The shield with a nice Neo Zeon emblem on front.

Check this out, it was trimmed from the clear stickers. The previous owner must be very determine on building this kit very carefully. Although there's a scratch marks on it, but it adds a battle damage feeling on it like that.

Behind the shield; an axe & 3 rockets.

1 side axe beam. Very grunt-ish like Zaku II's main weapon... XD

Big beam axe. Now now, this is more better. =)

2 beam sabers. i wonder where to hide the sabers on Sazabi though...

Here comes Mr. Sazabi. It just look so great !

Side view. The helm is quite attractive with the right proportion of it.

Removed the the upper helm to reveal the moveable mono eye.

Trying to move the eye even though it's kinda stiff abit. But still manage to move to look right....

....& left.

Thrusters. Previous owner did a good job & painting the whole inner thrusters with yellow. Handbrush ftw !

Even this small square on back skirt also handbrushed with yellow.

Next on, funnels. Sazabi has a quite interesting gimmick on its backpack, opening hatch for releasing funnels.

Up close on inside of the hatch. But a few details that I might interested to paint on.

Funnel ~

Stick all 6 funnels on it. If only there's a base to put all the funnels on Sazabi's front, just like 1/100 MG Strike Freedom FBM.

I discovered that the palms has a peg, I didn't realize it until....

I saw an odd hole on the axe's holder. Such improvement on HGUC it is. =D

Now I don't have to worry for the axe to fell off when posing it around. Wee ~~

Some pose I did. Looks unnaturally without action Base #2 though.

Comparison with 1/100 MG Unicorn Unicorn Mode. Look how high, how huge Sazabi is !!

Ok, I'm off to lunch by now. So this is the last picture for Sazabi's review. Until next time~ (hope so...)



Chris said...

I think the beam saber is hidden in the arms like Unicorn/Sinanju? Not too sure but if really can, better not try in case it's hard to remove afterwards.

In the opening review statement you said Sazabi had '6 clear rods for funnel effects'. But those are made by Ed, right? Because I don't think those effect parts are included in the original kit.

Otacon said...

Waaahhh sazabi!! One of my dream gundam >.<

so envy you lo bro. hehehehee

Evaritus Lau said...


Is it ? I'm not sure about it though, maybe yeah I think.


Heheh, eh long time no update,where ya been bro ?

ed said...

@Chris - nope those clear parts not made by me.
they come with the HGUC Jagd Doga that i had. =)

Chris said...

@Ed: Erm, that's kinda what I meant. I didn't say you make it from scratch, I just imply you somehow found a way to do it. Because it's your idea, and not parts from the original kit.

Like C.Jin, he cut out parts from the yellow beam axes runner parts from Sazabi to made those effect parts too.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's a great review and a detailed one too! I like the pic where by it looks like the funnels flying out!

StarGhazzer:太空人 said...

HGUC Sazabi... love it, it's one of my favourite kits and I truly enjoyed every moment when building it. But as any other HGUC, there are many areas (tiny ones too) that require painting, such as the yellow square verniers and multiple thrusters hidden beneath the armour plates.

Anyway, it seems like you left out some of the flaws.
1. Loose hips joints. They tend to pop out easily particularly when you flex the hips forwards or spread them out wide.

2. The tight monoeye as you mentioned. I'm pretty worried about snapping the tiny eye so I decided not to muck around with it too frequently.

3. The rubber sockets for the palms tend to become soft and loose over time, especially when you change them very often to switch between the rifle-grasp and the normal hand for sabres.

4. The lack of clear pipes for the funnels. Not a major problem, I cut some from the left over fluorescent yellow tubes that held the beam sabres.

5. The shield tends to get obstructed by the shoulder armours and hence reduces posing. Same with the shoulder articulation which tends to get blocked by the bulky chest armour. But it's more due to Sazabi's design rather than a gunpla fault.

Evaritus Lau said...


Wow, I didn't know there's more flaws though... O.O" ...Since I'm too often playing around the pose also, so I'm not that worried, except for the monoeye.

Anyway, thnx for pointing out the cons ! Appreciate it !

Willie said...